New Zealand Slang: A

Across the Ditch – across the Tasman Sea

Accelerator – gas pedal in the car

Ads – TV Commercials

Aerial topdressing – spreading of fertilizer from a aircraft

Afghan - chocolate flavored biscuit, usually made from cornflakes, covered in chocolate icing

Agee jar – essential glass jar used for preserving foods

Agro – aggravated, aggressive

All Black – New Zealand national rugby team

Ankle biter – small child, toddler

Anti–clockwise – counter–clockwise

ANZAC – Australia New Zealand Army Corps during WWI

ANZAC Day – public holiday and national day of remembrance of military personal fallen in war and conflicts

ANZAC Biscuit – cookie made from rolled oats and coconut as care packages to the ANZAC soldiers

Aotearoa – most widely known and accepted Maori name for New Zealand, translated as “Land of the Long White Cloud”

Armed Offenders Squad– armed sector of the New Zealand Police

Aroha – love (Maori origin)

Away with the fairies – day dreaming

Awesome – excellent

Aussie – Australian

Au – I don't know

Aubergine – eggplant


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